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Hand San 510D 55 Gallon Drum

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$26.36 per gallon x 55 gallons with shipping included! This is the lowest price for hand sanitizer on the market today.

HAND SAN 510D is an ethanol-based hand sanitizer, ideal for use outside the washroom to provide hand hygiene at the work-point or on the move. 55 gallon drum ships within 3 days of placing your order and comes with spigot to dispense the product. 80% alcohol content, made in the USA!

Key Properties:
✓ Water-thin liquid best used with low volume dispensing pumps or atomizing sprayers
✓ Complies with the WHO requirements for an effective hand sanitizer
✓ Dye free
✓ Evaporates quickly
✓ Contains emollient to protect skin from excess drying